Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 10 February 2016

English II

We didn't have a chance to do our free response writing today, so we will have to push that to Friday's class.  This means that we will finish the entire test on Friday.  Make sure that you are prepared.  I'm glad that many of you checked out textbooks so that you can review the stories and be ready for Friday.

Any time you have left after you finish the exam on Friday will be spent on your creative writing projects.  Remember the importance of completing your major projects on time!

AP English III

I'm happy to have papers from those of you who needed to hit the first resubmission date.  Remember that these will be ready for you on Monday.  Come and see me to pick them up so that you can turn it around for the next resubmission if you so choose.

In terms of other work to complete you have the reading of Chapters Three and Four for our class on Friday.  We will work through a reading guide as a class.  If you will not be in class, use this link to access the reading guide so that you can complete it while you're skiing.

Remember that your blogs will be checked on Friday.  You'll need to have the introduction post, the analysis post for Prologue, Chapter One, and Chapter Two.  With the analysis post, remember to also have your vocabulary.  One word for each chapter.

Additionally, make sure that you are working regularly on your research papers and topics.  You should have a working argument statement that you can use to guide your research.  Begin to work through your sources and build the support for your argument.  This will ensure that you are working in a timely way to complete everything.  Remember your outlines are due on 2/22.  This is the day you have to lock in your topics!

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