Friday, February 19, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students

AP English III

Even though we didn't have a real class today I wanted to remind you all that you have things to settle for the weekend.  Your research paper outlines are due on Tuesday.  You are expected to submit a document which states your argument, your topics, the specific pieces of evidence you will use to elaborate upon that topic, and your commentary on the evidence to clarify the way in which it reflects your argument.  All source material must be cited appropriately.  You must also submit a works cited page with all of your sources.  You must indicate which of the sources is your non-print source.

As you work, please use SIRS and PurdueOWL to help with citations.  I'll be available a bit on Monday.

Also, I need all groups to submit their blog URL.  Please post a comment to the blog post from the previous class - you'll see other comments there.  Your comment won't appear until I accept it.

Lastly, remember your reading, you are expected to read and annotate through the end of Chapter Nine and complete a blog post which covers Chapter Seven, Eight, and Nine with your motifs.

English II

Over the weekend your major task is your creative writing projects.  Make sure to follow the instructions on the sheet so that you can earn full credit.  I was especially happy that a few of you were able to get them turned in today - great work!  This is a major test grade, so make sure that it is going to help you.

Don't forget to keep reading The Stranger.  Your next reading checkpoint is Thursday.  You have to read Chapter Two and Three.  Keep track of your vocabulary.  Also, here's our video from class today to help you better understand one of our key philosophies in our book.

Enjoy the weekend!

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