Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Homework for B-Day Classes: 2/2/2016

Here are your reminders for tonight everyone:

English II

There's nothing to complete tonight except for the writing about Marquez if you did not finish that today during class.  Make sure to take some time to review your notes today on Neruda and his sonnets and odes, remember the possibility of our daily quizzes!

Lastly, we will have our exam on Latin American literature next week.  We'll be reading one of our last texts next class and finishing up the unit in the next few days.  Start studying and reviewing in preparation for your test!

AP English III

There are two major tasks for you all to complete tonight.  First, make sure that you have completed your research topic assignment.  Make sure that you have done some of your preliminary research using SIRS or some other online sources so that you can start to specify your paper, topics, and your questions.  For this assignment, we don't need anything too specific -- remember that part of the process of research is to make the topic and assignment more specific.  Stay focused on the aspects of the DADS argument that you will have to prove in this assignment.

Secondly, take a look at your reading bookmark for Invisible Man and read Chapter One.  There are all of the motifs in this chapter, so make sure that your motif chart reflects all of that information.

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