Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Homework for A Day - 3 February 2016

Russian II/III

There's no homework to be collected for next class, but you should continue to work through the exercises I gave you today to continue practicing your knowledge of aspect and conjugation.  Remember to focus on your verbs for walking, going by vehicle, carrying, and transporting.  These will be the main verbs on your assessment next week.

Your quiz will fall on Thursday next week - it will cover the verbs of motion and their uses.

Seniors - You'll have your practice exam on Friday.  Don't forget it begins at 2nd period!

Russian I

It's much the same for all of you in terms of what to do.  Make sure that for next class you have your floor plan done with your five rooms labeled in Russian and your pieces of furniture (three) labeled in Russian in each room.

As you do this, continue to review adjectives and nouns in the nominative, prepositional, genitive, and accusative cases.  Your quiz on Tuesday of next week will focus on these.  Next class we will work through some sample exercises to help you prepare.  Study your colors and know that vocabulary!

English II

Remember to select which of the three projects you will complete for our Latin America unit project.  We will start on them next class.  If you are going to redo your Marquez writing, please try to get that resubmitted for next class so that I can update your grades.

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