Monday, February 29, 2016

Solid Monday in Room 301 - Homework for 2/29/2016

Great day today everyone!  Definitely a fun start to the week.  Here are your reminders to take you to Wednesday.

AP English III

We did not discuss Chapter Ten at all today, so we will be having that discussion on Wednesday.  Make sure that your blog post is complete, your motif charts are complete, and that you have fully read and annotated in advance of a possible quiz on Chapter Ten.

Additionally, please read Brent Staples' "Just Walk On By..." - you can find it in 50 Essays or at this link.  Read and annotate the text heavily - focus on connections you see between Invisible Man and Staples.  Consider the disconnect between the two pieces by history, and the fact that there are so many similarities.  Especially think about the ideas of vision and power as they relate to visibility.  This is important in this piece too.

Lastly, we did a lot today on outlines and research writing.  Remember that this pays off as we deal with the synthesis timed writing on Friday and your rough drafts and conferences which begin next week.  Pay it forward and make it better.

Lastly, remember that tomorrow you're on a testing schedule.  Report directly to your ACT testing room.

English II

I appreciate the fact that many of you were able to get a lot done today in class related to our work on catch-up.  Make sure that for next class you submit any missing work that you worked on today in class so that I can update your grades.  You need to read Chapters Four and Five in The Stranger and complete your detail grabbers while you read.  We'll discuss these chapters next class and continue working on our in-class essay assignments.

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