Thursday, February 25, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 25 February 2016

It was certainly good to have a normal day today.  Here are your reminders to take you through the weekend to Monday.

AP English III

I started looking at blogs and realized that we need to clarify a few things:  1, you don't need to do vocabulary for every post - just the first analysis post and 2, make sure that you're dividing and conquering the work as a group.  Just because one member of the group is sick doesn't mean that you have a pass on your obligations as a group.  Come together and get your work done.

For the weekend you have the reading of Chapter 10 - Liberty Paints.  This is a complex chapter; we'll spend a lot of time Monday working through it.  Remember the main ideas of the chapter:  the conflicts between the IM and the different people at the factory (boss, workers, Mr. Broadway), the importance of color symbolism in the chapter (white/black), and the allusions to government and power that are rife in the chapter.

There's a lot to think about in the chapter - keep building in the same way we did today in class.  That was such good work today!

Here's the new reading schedule for you all to take us through the rest of the book:

Chapter 10 - 2/25; 11-12 - 3/4; 13-15 - 3/8; 16-19 - 3/14; 20-22 - 3/22; 23 - 3/24.  Again make sure that you have the analysis post complete on the due date for the reading.

Don't forget your rough drafts - it may be a good idea to start writing this weekend before getting back your outlines.  We'll talk about those on Monday and you'll have Tuesday and Thursday to see me about them.

English II

Also very good conversation on the characters we meet in Chapters 2-3.  Keep paying attention to them throughout Part One.  I got a great report from Ms. T about your writing work.  Don't work on this over the weekend - we'll spend time on Monday looking at it.  For the weekend, make your priority finishing your project.  Remember that I can accept it tomorrow for no penalty.  After Friday it will lose five points.

Read Chapters 4-5.  Use your detail grabbers to collect details.  We'll have the whole sheet filled in by the end of Part One.  Feel free to get ahead on this.  Also, vocabulary.  We'll be stressing this next week.

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