Friday, January 29, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 29 January 2016

Happy weekend, y'all.  Here's what you need to take care of this weekend:

English II

For the weekend, please make sure that you have finished your writing on "Tuesday Siesta" - you should complete the writing sheet and paragraph on your question.  I'll collect this work from you on Tuesday.  

During Tuesday's class we'll be moving forward to look at our next author and texts - Pablo Neruda's poetry.  Look forward to that!

AP English III

There are a few things that you all need to take care of this weekend.  Excellent job on the skits today - the writing and presentations were wonderful!  I'll have your grades uploaded this weekend and feedback to the groups will be on the gradebook under comments.

First, make sure that you have your copy of Invisible Man for class on Tuesday and that you have fully read and annotated Baldwin's "Notes of a Native Son", Part One.  We'll be referencing him as we discuss the Prologue to Invisible Man.

Second, you'll need to spend time working on your research topics.  Do some pre-research and consider your topic and the point you want to make.  If you don't already have a Durham County Library borrower card and PIN, get that this weekend; you'll need it on Tuesday to start your research.

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