Friday, February 26, 2016

Homework for the Weekend: 26 February 2016 - A Day

English II

We had a pretty great day today in class discussing Chapters Two and Three.  Next class we will have a bit of a catch-up day to work on our in-class essays, our tests, and to finish projects with a late penalty for anyone who needs to.

Remember that you need to read Chapters Four and Five for Thursday's class.  Make sure that you fill out your detail grabber for these chapters.  We're almost halfway done with the book!

Don't forget that I'll take projects today with no late penalty.  Just email it in.

Russian I

This weekend for homework I want you to spend time working with the three tables that we have made for Russian grammar.  You have your case table, your pronoun table, and your possessive pronoun table.  Use these to complete exercises 15 and 16 in Chapter Two.  They're located on pages 88 and 89.  Please do not just fill in the blanks but go through and rewrite the sentences with your answers filled in.

You will be having a quiz on this information on Monday the 7th.  Study and learn!

Russian II/III

This weekend you have a few things to settle as well.  You will have your unit exam on Monday the 7th.  We will have next week to review.  Make sure that for Tuesday's class you have:

  1. Rewritten your journal entry to correct mistakes.  
  2. Done research on your selected Moscow metro station.  Remember that you can pick a station on the ring line or within the ring.  Use for research in Russian.  Wikipedia is also good.  You can find a lot about these stations.
  3. Make sure that you've gone through the reading and dialogues for your chapter.  You should be able to read, translate and discuss the dialogue and the reading as well as answer questions.
With that - I hope you all enjoy the weekend.  I'm off to work all weekend.

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