Monday, February 13, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 13 February 2017

Advanced Russian:

Next class we will have one of our final classes focused on verbs of motion (II/III).  Please make sure that you have completed the verbs of motion exercises in your chapters. For Russian II this is exercise four in Chapter Six. For Russian III you'll be focusing on the exercises eight and nine in Chapter Ten.

Russian IV - Please focus on the passages that I showed you today in class. Look for important vocabulary and language structures in these passages. Also, pay close attention to the prefixing of verbs throughout those passages.

Russian I:

Next class I'll be working with each of you to review your projects. If your project is fully complete then you will turn it in. If your project needs revisions, then you will revise for homework on Wednesday and turn it in on Friday. Remember that for the project you should have a floor plan and paragraphs for five rooms in a house. The house does not need to be your actual house.

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