Thursday, February 9, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 9 February 2017

Happy Weekend A-Day. I'm off to DC tomorrow for an AP Russian conference, I can't wait to share everything that I learn with you all.

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Read the beginning of "Night Two" in White Nights. Focus on the developing relationship between the girl and the narrator. What type of character does she have? How do you know? Keep track of vocabulary and language use which marks both characters as unique.

Russian III - To sum up verbs of motion with prefixes, please complete the exercises in Chapter Ten, specifically number eight and nine. With these, read the sentences and fill in the blank. As you work through number nine, you'll want to consider the point of view of the speaker as he/she is talking.

Russian II - We've started working in earnest now on verbs of motion with prefix as well as within the past and future tenses. Keep practicing with this. Complete the exercises I gave you on paper. Fill in the blanks with past tense forms and consider which is the best choice for each situation.

We will work on our verbs of motion/Dostoevsky projects in class on Tuesday. This will count as the first full workshop day.

Russian I:

You all had a quiz today, so there is no official homework this weekend. However, you will find it useful to work on your projects this weekend so that I can review your writing and give you corrections on Monday about your work.

English II:

No homework this weekend - I hope that all of you have now either gotten caught up with your previous work and that you are all now working on the project for our Latin America unit.

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