Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 1 February 2017

English II:

Today we had our quiz on Latin American Literature and doppelgangers. Next class we'll be working on course registration with Student Services as well as beginning on our Benchmark exam.

Russian I:

Tonight for homework you should focus on practicing with your vocabulary and grammar by working on your house projects. Remember that you have a sample about my office at home. Write five paragraphs - one about each room. Follow the outline given. Practice with your case and gender endings.  You'll have a quiz on nominative, prepositional, and accusative case endings with nouns and adjectives on Tuesday of next week!

Advanced Russian:

Russian II:  Please take the time tonight to finish working on the present tense exercises through to number thirty-eight. Remember to practice conjugating the verb for the needed present tense form as well as translating what you can.

Russian III:  Keep working through your packet on prefixes and study the next prefixes meaning to arrive and to leave. Try to keep these clear from the earlier ones that had similar meanings.

Russian IV:  Continue reading Dostoevsky to the end of the seventh section.  Continue to build your paragraph about the narrator's tone and its importance in the story.

If you are taking the AP Russian exam your practice exam session is on Friday at 3:00 in the school's media center. There is no other date for the practice examination.  Don't forget that all of you will have an assessment next week on Thursday on either verbs of motion (II/III) or Dostoevsky (IV).

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