Thursday, February 23, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 22 February

AP English III:

Apologies for not getting this posted sooner. I left early yesterday, Ms. Barber has class, and I didn't remember until this morning.  You've got a few deadlines coming up on Friday.

  1. Make sure that you have read and annotated up to the end of Chapter Six in Invisible Man. Pay close attention to the long oratory in Chapter Five given by Homer Barbee about The Founder. There's a lot of rich symbolism there. In Chapter Six we have a lot to deal with concerning Dr. Bledsoe.  You also have to email Ms. Barber with your discussion topics from these chapters. Email her directly at (mary dot barber @ duke dot edu) - Make sure that she has your email before 6:00 TODAY in order to receive credit.
  2. You also have your blogging posts due for these chapters.
  3. You have your formal outlines due to me on Google Docs. I will be reading, scoring, and providing feedback this weekend to all of you. Make sure that you have shared with me (daniel _ miller (at) dpsnc (dot) net ), that you have used the rubric to craft your outline and that you have at least four clear topics for consideration.
English II:

I hope that you all were productive and enjoyed the reading and the beginning of the film. We'll follow up with everything on Friday! Friday will also be our day to finish our research/creative writing projects!

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