Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 15 February 2017

English II:

Good day today guys getting into Oedipus the King and the elements of irony we'll see in that play. Someone took a box from the room by mistake - if you took it, please return it ASAP.

Remember that on Friday we will be focused on finishing our projects in the computer lab all class. You should be prepared to be focused and work hard on this assignment on Friday.

Russian I:

I was happy about the fact that many of you have made some good understandings around case declensions and meanings. Keep this work going as you keep learning and making connections. Tonight, you should work on finishing your house projects. Remember we need a floor plan of the house as well as paragraphs describing what is in each room and what happens in the room.

You'll have a reassessment next week on these three cases to go back over the work on the quiz.

Advanced Russian:

Russian II: I think that a lot of you understand what to do with your non-prefixed verbs of motion in past, present, and future. I think you also have a fair understanding of what to do with the verbs as we add the prefix по- and step into aspect issues. Put all of this together and be ready for your quiz next class.

Russian III: Next class we'll finish our review of the paragraph on American tourists traveling in Moscow. Then, we'll review the idea of the hypothetical and conditional. Make sure that you've read over the information in your textbook to help us do this work.

Russian IV: Keep reading White Nights and as you do, focus on the character of Nastenka. What do we learn about her? How? Also, be sure to finish the vocabulary analysis work I gave you today so that you can present on these ideas to the group on Friday.

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