Monday, February 27, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 27 February 2017

Advanced Russian:

Russian II - Next class you'll have your reassessment on verbs of motion. Make sure that you have studied your conjugation patterns for these verbs as well as the way in which they work with the various cases (accusative/dative) to create meaning. Reviewing and studying your previous quiz would be very helpful.

Russian III & IV - Next class we'll have time to work together and review the various things floating over us right now. You'll have an exam coming up next week. Be sure that you've read Dostoevsky up to the beginning of Nastya's Story (section seventeen). For Russian III, be sure you've completed your translations and worked through the airline article as much as you can.

Russian I:

It looks like almost all of you completed the various holiday information slideshows. Good work. Now you'll need to spend some time getting ready for your reassessment on cases. The reassessment is going to focus on nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases.

English II:

Hopefully by this pint you have finished up your projects. Ms. Barber and I will work through the week to get them graded and updated. Make sure that you understand what is happening in Oedipus the King up to the end of the first chorus. Study and review your notes so that you are able to explain what is happening in the play.

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