Monday, February 20, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 20 February

AP English III:

All of the work that you have to do is due on Friday. Make sure that you have thoroughly read and annotated Chapters Five and Six in Invisible Man. Chapter Five involves a long speech (a sermon) by a blind minister named Homer Barbee. There are a lot of allusions in this speech. Pay attention carefully and think about other blind guys named Homer.  Chapter Six is dealing with the ramifications of the Invisible Man's actions in Chapters Two and Three. The discussion about Dr. Bledsoe will be really important to consider.

Since you have reading due, don't forget to do your blog posts as well. Blogs will rarely be checked coming in to class, but they will be assessed after since we often discuss the different motifs.

Also, in terms of our research papers, we have two major steps coming soon. The outlines are due on Friday. Many of you have already started them in Google Documents with me. Keep that work going. Consider what I reviewed with you today and the notes from your synthesis. Put this into your work and pay it forward.  You also have the instructions for the next major milestone - the synthesis pack.

English II

Today was a lot of fun, starting the acting and dramatizing of Oedipus the King. We'll be reading and studying the play every day in class so know that if you miss a day, you're missing the study of the play and you'll want to make-up what you miss.  We'll finish our projects this week if you are not already done.  If you can spend some time working on them outside of class, great. If not, we'll deal with that on Wednesday.

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