Friday, February 3, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 3 February 2016

Advanced Russian:

We didn't really have class today because of the AP practice exam as well as the field trip for Physics - so your quiz on verbs of motion and Dostoevsky (Russian IV) will be postponed to Thursday. To prepare, please make sure that you are studying your conjugations and reviewing the basic rules for when to use either multidirectional or unidirectional verbs as well as aspectual choices (Russian III).

Russian I:

We did have class today, so your quiz will be happening on Tuesday. For the quiz, make sure that you are prepared with firm knowledge of masculine, feminine, and neuter case endings in nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases. On the quiz you will have fill in the blanks, translation, listening, reading, and multiple choice.

You should also continue working on your house writing projects. I'll review drafts of paragraphs next week before our final due date.

English II:

I was very proud of the fact that so many of you focused on your Benchmark exam today. We will finish the exam on Tuesday and then move on to working on our Latin American Literature projects.

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