Sunday, February 19, 2017

A-Day Homework - 19 February 2017

Many apologies for posting this so late. I got struck down with a nasty bug and found myself sleeping most of Friday afternoon and Saturday. Much better today.

Advanced Russian:

All of you should be focused on developing your projects for Tuesday's class. I'm going to try to get us time in the library on Tuesday to do research and to go over your writing with all of you. Take the feedback I've given you so far and apply it moving forward.

Don't forget as well that your textbook is a wealth of examples and explanations.  We'll quickly move through completing this project.

Russian I:

For those of you who have submitted projects, those grades are posted in PowerSchool. I liked what I saw, there were a few small spelling and grammar errors, but for the most part your writing was clear and accomplished its goals. Please start focusing on learning your new endings for the other three cases (GEN/DAT/INST). To help you with this you have your grammar analysis and interpretive reading homework.

Read the story about the narrator. Give the main idea and three details. Then color code the assignment by cases. Focus on endings and functions!

English II:

I was happy to hear from Ms. Barber that the day was productive for most of you. Good! If you can, keep working on your research and projects. We'll be finishing these up pretty fast this week!

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