Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Homework for B-Day Classes - 8 February 2017

AP English III

Tonight you should continue reading in Invisible Man to get through Chapter One. This chapter is often called "The Battle Royale" and was actually published as a stand-alone short story before the novel was published. As you read, make sure to find all of your motifs. Continue to find key ideas that relate to some of the authors we've studied previously (DuBois is really useful).

Use the link below to access Invisible Man on a .pdf if you don't have the book.

In terms of working on your research papers you should be focused on collecting sources and making your argument/topics more specific. Remember that you only have five to seven pages. You need to focus on local issues rather than international ones. Focus on one thing instead of all of the things. See what your sources give you. Your next major due date is the 22nd when your full outlines are due. We'll be doing arguments next week (Tuesday) and the outline of one topic (Thursday) to prepare for the full outline.

English II

There's no official homework tonight. Now we have read Marquez - so if you are interested in following his story for your creative writing project, you can get started with that planning. The major goal that you should be working on right now are your Latin American Literature projects - either researching or writing.

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