Thursday, February 2, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students - 2 February

AP English III:

Over the weekend you have two key things to take care of to prepare for next week.  First, there's the writing assignment based on "Just Walk On By" by Brent Staples.  For the assignment, draw on the text, and write a paragraph challenging Staples for making stereotypical assumptions about women's reactions similar to those assumptions he accuses women of making about his intentions.  Engage him in a dialogue here and use his writing as his speech.

Additionally, we have our work on our research papers to prepare for Monday. Remember that the full topic sheet won't be due until the end of class on Monday since we will have to do some research to finish it up. But, work on the first half. Determine your topic and sub-topics. Generate an idea as to what you want to learn and why it's interesting to you. Monday will invoice doing some of the refining work we need to do to finalize these.

You will need to have your copy of Invisible Man for class on Wednesday.

English II:

Today was a rough day with the Benchmark - I'm glad that so many of you shouldered that responsibility well. We'll finish it on Monday and get started working on our projects then.

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