Thursday, February 23, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 23 February 2017

Russian Classes:  I hope you all enjoyed celebrating a bit of Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland! 

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Continue to read "White Nights" through to the end of section sixteen. As you read, look at Nastya's reactions and her observations while the narrator tells his story. Use these reactions to understand her character. Interpret them.  Also continue to look for useful vocabulary and interesting sentence/language constructions for us to discuss.

Russian III - Please complete the translation exercise A in Chapter Ten. Do the translations in your journals. Remember to review any necessary vocabulary from the textbook first, and then from a dictionary or translator.

Russian II - Continue to work on building your sentences around your different modes of transportation. Remember that one sentence with each means of transit should use a transitive verb and one should use an intransitive verb. Also, remember, only humans can "carry" items.

Russian I:

You should continue studying your new grammar and your old grammar to review all six cases. You have exercises around case identification and writing with the different cases that you should use to practice and review your grammar skills.

We'll continue to work on our projects on Monday.

English II:

I like that fact that a few of you were able to finish your projects today in class. If you didn't finish them today then you will need to take time outside of class to finish as I am not sure we will be able to find more time in class for them.

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