Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 21 February

Russian I:

Kids - do your homework. Practice daily with the language. If you're not, then you won't be learning as much as you should.  

Now we're operating in all six cases with nouns and adjectives. Soon we'll have another quiz going over endings and changes, FYI. Tonight, make sure that you finish the interpretive reading questions about the story I gave you last class. Additionally, complete exercise seven where you identify the case of the boldface word and tell why the word is in that case.

Also, we'll be doing some research on Russian holidays soon. You may find it useful to do a bit of pre-research so you know which holiday you would want to study for your project.

Advanced Russian:

All of you should continue working on your projects that you started today. Remember that if you want me to spend time giving you notes and corrections, please let me know. Russian IV - Continue reading Dostoevsky and developing a full picture of Nastya and her character. Work on the graphic organizer I gave you today in class.  Russian III - Complete the work on hypothetical statements I gave you today. Remember how you use verb tenses when creating hypothetical situations. Russian II - You will find it very helpful to study and correct your quiz today. Understand why your answer was wrong and what the right answer is. This will also be very helpful when dealing with your projects!

English II:

A lot of you got great work done on your projects today. Keep that going tonight and continue building your presentations/documents if you can. We'll only have one more class in the computer lab to finish these.


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