Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Homework for B Day Students - 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!  Make me your valentine by doing your homework tonight.

AP English III:

There are many things for you all to be working on/complete over the next few days. I'll outline the specific instructions for each task below.

  1. Invisible Man reading. Your task is to read and annotate to the end of Chapter Two, the Trueblood chapter. It's a challenging piece of writing in terms of the language, the ideas, and the disgust you'll be feeling. Stay focused on the motifs to help you get through. The idea of double consciousness can also be productive. We expect you'll be coming in with a lot of questions.
  2. Invisible Man blogging. Your task is to set up and post your introduction post as well as your posts on the Prologue, Chapter One, and Chapter Two. All of the posts should be up no later than 6:00 PM on Thursday the 16th. The posts are meant to be a more thorough version of your motif charts. You should identify how the motif is seen in the chapter as well as its importance within the chapter. There is a great version of the blog project here from last year. Keep in mind that in the example students tracked two motifs and did vocabulary as well, this is not part of your task this year.
  3. Outlining for Research Papers. Your task is to create a Google Document and share with me (daniel_miller (at) dpsnc (dot) net). In the GD you should include your argument statement and outline one of your topics. You should share this no later than Sunday so that you can get feedback before the full outline is due on 24 February.
There's a lot going on in AP English III right now. Stay ahead and use your time wisely. See your teachers if you start to fall behind and need help!

English II:

Today we spent all of class working on our projects to finish our unit on Latin American Literature. If you are able, continue to work on your project at home or on your device. Remember that final projects will be graded next week!

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