Monday, November 30, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 30 November 2015

Welcome back everyone!  I hope that your Thanksgiving break was restful and that you were able to spend some time on yourself.  Here are your reminders as you move forward to Wednesday.

Russian II/III

For homework you should finish the viewing guide for Служебный Роман - remember that one question needs to be answered in complete sentences in Russian.  The other questions can be answered in English.  Make sure that this is complete as it will be entered in to reassess on your previous viewing guide for the film.

Outside of this you should review the grammar and new verbs in your units.  Make sure that you are preparing yourself in advance of your assessments before Winter Break.

Russian I

For homework tonight you should add in a sentence about your family members which uses the accusative case.  For this, I would recommend going back to the hobby sentence.  Tell me what the person reads, or what the person watches, or what the person cooks.  Remember to add in an appropriate direct object after the verb.  Remember the requirements:

  • sentence which introduces the person, states the relationship to you
  • sentence which states where the person lives, uses the verb "to live" and the prepositional case
  • sentence which states a hobby the person has/what the person does
  • a sentence which uses the accusative case
You'll end up with anywhere from five to six sentences for each family member.

English II

For homework tonight you should make sure that you are studying your grammar notes and your vocabulary from Persepolis.  You'll have a quiz before winter break on both of these things.  Additionally, if you are missing your graphic novel/memoir project you will want to get that turned in either Tuesday or Wednesday to get credit before the progress reports come out.  There are also some of you who are missing the paragraph on comparing Marji's life to your own life - make sure that all missing work is settled!

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