Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students

AP English III-

Your assignment for Thursday is to read the handout "Writing About Fiction." This should clarify a lot of the questions many of you had about this type of paper. Bring questions with you if you have them, and keep this text handy as you are working through your paper in the next quarter. Be thinking about your paper topic, and be sure to gather evidence and examples as you read.

For Monday, read Chapters 20-29 of Huck Finn. Don't save this all for Sunday. 

If you did not read for today or struggled with the quiz, review Chapters 17-19 before Thursday.

English II

  • Test Monday: Study the first half of Persepolis, your reading and viewing guides, your notes about our introductory material on Iran and the Middle East (the video and Koran readings). Study vocabulary--I highly, highly recommend flashcards. Make them tonight and study a little bit every day. You remember better if you study in smaller chunks more frequently.
  • Be working on your projects.
  • Have your parents sign the permission slip for Ms. Ginocchio's program at Duke. 

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