Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 1: Homework for B-Day Students

AP English III
You have no homework due next class, but you need to be working on your rough drafts. These are due Friday, December 11th. As a reminder, these rough drafts must:

  • Be 5-7 pages in length (not including a works cited page, which is unnecessary for this draft).
  • Be typed and double-spaced.
  • Be printed out by class time when they are due.
  • Include an introduction, conclusion, all body paragraphs, and a title.
  • Include citations for quotes.
3B only- please remember to turn in your Duke MAT permission forms to Ms. Ginocchio. This is a 5-point completion grade. 

English II
You have no new assignments due next class, but many of you have late work that is due this week before progress reports. Please check Powerschool to make sure you don't have anything missing. These will be converted to zeroes at the end of this week. Assignments that you need to complete are:
  • Personal narrative graphic project
  • Paragraphs comparing and contrasting your life with Marji's (homework from late October).
  • Persepolis Test
  • Persepolis Test corrections (optional, but highly recommended).
  • Duke MAT program permission form (applies to 4B only).

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