Friday, November 6, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 6 November

English II

We had our exam on the first half of Persepolis today and began our in-depth study of the film.  I enjoyed the fact that so many of you noticed so many things about the adaptation of the book to the film.  Make sure that you've selected one element from question one and that you've written down one clear detail from our study of the film today as well as your opinion of the detail.

We'll work more on this as we continue to watch the film.  Make sure that you put in some work on the personal narrative project this weekend.  Many of you are off to a good start - it may be a good idea to see us with a draft of your project for some comments.

Russian III/II

You have your journals to complete this weekend as well as a second quiz on Thursday.  I would like for those of you who need to be reassessed from the first quiz to settle that before quiz number two - that makes everything easier for all of us.

With your journals - don't forget our phrase of the week:  не откладывай на завтра то, что можно сделать сегодня.  A good reminder for all of us, all the time.  II's - I want to see you using your time expressions as they work well with this idea.  Make sure to write out all of your numbers.  III's - use modal expressions and talk about what you need and/or need to do.  I'll be collecting all journals on Tuesday.  (G/SC/V/CU/C)

Russian I

There was a lot of good writing going on today in class and we didn't get to our game - things to get to on Tuesday.  For the weekend, focus on your writing and your notes from the writing workshop.  From what I saw there were two big areas:  verb conjugation and preposition usage (in Durham/in school/in Alaska/in Russia) that were throwing off a lot of you.  Remember to use the model expressions and my notes as you revise and rewrite.

Additionally you have your practice exercises.  These aren't for a grade, but they're good reinforcement and will help you learn your skills.  We'll likely look at a few of these on Tuesday as part of our review.

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