Monday, November 23, 2015

Homework for Thanksgiving Break - A Day Students

Russian Students - You should be practicing and working on Russian content everyday over the break!  Don't slack.

Russian I:  By this point in the course you should know the following concepts -

  • nominative and prepositional cases
  • possessive pronouns
  • gender
  • subject pronouns 
  • verb conjugation
  • basic sentence structure "This is..."
  • vocabulary in Chapter One
Make sure that you have studied and reviewed these concepts so that you are solid and sure coming back from the break.  If you haven't done your family writing, you should take care of that.  When we come back from break we will move through the other cases - know the prepositional so that you are able to learn the others quickly.

Also, practice your singing.

Russian II/III:  I identified skills or objectives for each of you to practice/study over the break.  Make sure that you are using these cards to follow through on your studying and practice over the long break.  Verbs and cases are good to review for all of you since those foundational skills are so important.  Make sure that you have notes on the first questions which we watched today in our film - we'll finish the rest of the film at the end of Thanksgiving break.

English II:  If you did not turn in your project today make sure that it gets in to me tomorrow.  If you need to email it, please send it to daniel (dot) miller (at) dpsnc (dot) net.  I'll confirm that I got your project.  Make sure that you don't miss the chance to turn in this project since it's a major grade for the quarter.

Outside of this, you will want to make sure to finish any make up work that you may have.  Many of you are missing the paragraph where you should be comparing your childhood to Marji's childhood.  If you don't have that, get it to us after the break or email it in.  Lastly there is the extra credit which is also due after Thanksgiving - make sure to complete that if you want those points!

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