Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend assignments for B-Day Students

AP English III

Your only assignment is to complete your outline for your literary analysis paper. As I said in class, the parameters are:

  • 2 pages max (front and back of one sheet of paper)
  • Typed
  • State your guiding question. This may be revised.
  • State your working thesis
  • Organize the body of your essay--showing the main evidence you will use. Include direct quotes if they are short. For long passages, you can just say "the passage where Huck and Jim get lost in the fog from Chapter blah blah." Give a brief explanation of how you will use each quote
  • No need for introduction or conclusion.
I will grade these for effort and mainly aim to give you feedback that you can use as you move forward. 

One of your classmates asked for a sample paper, so here is a link to a paper I wrote this fall for an undergraduate class I'm taking at Duke. It's not the best paper I've ever written, but it demonstrates the basic idea of what you'll be doing. Click here to view the paper. That link should take you to a PDF hosted on my Google Drive account. If it does not work, please let me know!

Also remember that you should finish the novel over Thanksgiving Break.

English II
Your graphic personal narrative projects are due Tuesday. We will be doing in-class presentations.

The optional extra credit assignments will be due after Thanksgiving Break, but you may turn them in earlier if you wish.

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