Friday, November 13, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 13 November

Russian II/III

Today in class you had your assessment on the first goals of your new units.  If there were areas that confused or stumped you, please focus on those areas this weekend so that you are prepared next week for a reassessment on these particular skills and grammar points.  Remember that with our new grading system you will not simply retake the last quiz, but instead you'll be asked questions that assess you on the same skills and standards.

In addition, if you have a journal to submit to me on Tuesday or any other missing work, please get that in.  Some of you are missing a viewing guide for Служебный Роман on the first part.

Russian I

Today in class we also had an assessment, so the same rules for the Russian II/III students works for you - prepare yourself for reassessment if you need that.  Your main task for this weekend is to review and revise your writing on your family members.  I should see rewritten paragraphs on your family members which have perfect grammar and spelling.

English II

For homework this weekend you will need to read "The Cigarette" - you have photocopies of the chapter to read.  As always, look for new vocabulary.  The major thing to think about is what the cigarette symbolizes for Marji.  She's making some big strides in her life, try to take account of them.

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