Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students - 5 November 2015

English II

You have your exam on Monday which will cover the first half of Persepolis - chapters "The Veil" to "The Trip".  As you study and review make sure to focus on the characters we've studied, the plot of the text what are the major events) and finally the new vocabulary which we reviewed today in class.  Be ready and know your skills - the exam shouldn't surprise you at all.

You should also keep moving forward on your personal narrative projects - a lot of you got some great work done today; keep going!

AP English III

First you have your next reading goal for Monday's class.  You're going to be reading the next section of the novel which focuses on the Duke and the Dauphin.  Continue to watch these men and pay attention to the constant structure of the novel.  Secondly, you need to solidify a paper topic and have that ready for Ms.Ginocchio for next week as well - she'll collect it on Thursday from you.

Lastly, review the rest of the rhetorical analysis prompt that we began with today - there will be your first of these timed writings coming soon.  It won't be this prompt (obviously) but it will be a rhetorical analysis.

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