Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 4 November 2015

English II

Your main work for tonight is to study for your examination on Friday.  It's going to cover the first ten chapters (half) of Persepolis.  You should focus on our main characters from the first part of the text and the main plot events.  Additionally, we have the vocabulary that we reviewed.  I was happy that so many of you knew so many of the words!  Good work!

Russian II/III

You should be working on your journals tonight.  Remember in the journals we have our main phrase for the week and then I want you to work on including your new grammar concepts that you've been learning this week.  For IIs - that means time expressions.  For IIIs - that means modal expressions.  Remember to use these grammar pieces to learn them better.

Additionally, you should have your exercises done.  Be prepared if I were to check them.

Russian I

Tonight you should take another look at your family member writing and you should revise and develop.  Add two pieces of information - tell me what the person's name is and what they like to do at home.  You should for the last sentence tell me "In the house, my mom reads" as an example.  Here is an example of your four sentences:

Это моя мама.  Ее зовут Патриция.  Она живет на Аляске.  В доме, она читает.

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