Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A-Day Homework - 10 November 2015

Remember that tomorrow we have a day off for Veterans' Day.  Thank a veteran for his/her service to our country; if you don't know a veteran, then find one and say thank you.  Here are your reminders to take you to Friday.

English II

For Friday's class make sure that you have a completed personal narrative plan where you have sketched out your plot into distinct moments, planned for your characters, thought about graphic elements in your art, and then drawn your first panel.  Many of you didn't have this and said it was at home - that's fine.  Make sure that I see it on Friday.

In addition, if you have missing work, now is a great time to take care of that.  You may be missing your writing on Marji's childhood in comparison to yours, the dramatic reading, or the test.  See us to check on this.

Russian I

For Friday you have your exam on vocabulary, prepositional case, and grammatical gender rules.  Make sure that you have studied and that you are ready.  Many of you still need to work more on verb conjugation and complete another retest - please see me to complete this sooner rather than later.

Russian II

For Friday you also have an exam that you'll be completing.  Make sure that you can discuss various time expressions and that you can explain at what time a particular event happens.  In addition, you should know your numbers from zero to sixty as well as the rules for counting items like seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, etc.

Russian III

For Friday you have your exam too - I try to give all the Russian tests on the same day.  Your exam will focus on the food vocabulary in chapter nine, the use of modals, and then aspect rules when working with можно/нельзя.  From what I saw in our review today many of you are confusing some of the modals with each other - try to understand what idea each of the modals controls and the particular case ideas that work with each modal.  That will help.

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