Monday, November 9, 2015

Homework for AP English III

  1. Submit your paper topic via Google form by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. You should not need to log in or have a Google account to use the form. If you have trouble with the form, please email me. (Don't wait until class on Thursday to tell me it wasn't working.) The link is here:
  2. Find 1 example of irony in Chapters 20-29 of Huck Finn. Mark it somehow that you can be ready to share it in class.
  3. For the few of you who did not read for today, finish your reading!
  4. Finish the Langston Hughes essay if you did not in class. We will do the AP multiple choice questions for it on Thursday.
  5. For Monday, read chapters 30-38 of Huck Finn. When I wrote your reading schedules, I did not know that Wednesday is a holiday, so my A/B days got thrown off. You will finish the novel for the first class after Thanksgiving Break (Tuesday, December 1).
Please do not hesitate to contact me (Ms. Ginocchio) at jg239 [at] duke [dot] edu with any questions you have. 

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