Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 17 November 2015

English II

Your homework for tonight is the same that it will be for Thursday.  You have your graphic novel projects due on Monday which means that you need to finish them tonight and tomorrow night.  Many of you got some good work done today in class on these projects - keep that momentum going and finish it when you get home.  Remember that you can turn in your work early if you finish it early and it's complete.

Please pay attention to the rubric as you are finishing this project.  Your explanation of your art and how you used graphic details to add to the meaning of the work is important - make sure that you can answer this question clearly.

Russian I

For homework tonight you have reading to do in Russian.  I want you to be able to identify all of the verbs in this text - you have twenty since I gave you the first one.  You also want to be able to identify any cognates (words that are the same in English and in Russian) - try to be able to translate these words.

After you have read the text remember to do your Interpretive Reading work - What is the main idea of this text?  What are three supporting details?  Remember to do this work in English.

Russian II/III

II's - You need to complete exercise 5.2 and 5.3A - Remember to spend time using your verb list in chapter five to help you learn the different imperfective and perfective verbs.  That list will be invaluable to you.  I would also recommend continuing to study the examples in the textbook with the translations.  The only way to understand aspect is to experience it and to work through it; try to get as much exposure as you can.

III's - You need to complete exercise 9.9, write out all of the sentences and form imperatives in the perfective of the imperfective verb in the beginning of the sentence.  Focus on forming your imperatives and selecting the proper pair for the imperfective verb.

II's and III's - Make sure that you complete your cheat sheet (шпаргалка) focusing on the different grammar we've learned today.  These will be very helpful as we learn and review these concepts.

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