Monday, November 2, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 2 November 2015

English II

As a reminder you have two major things to be working on.  First we have your test on Friday that will cover the first half of Persepolis from "The Veil" all the way to "The Trip."  Make sure that you have read thoroughly, that you have studied your vocabulary and any notes from the text.  The quiz will also focus on the information about Iran and Muslim culture we learned before starting the text, so make sure you're familiar with that information too.

Your other major task is to work on your personal narrative projects.  For next class you should know your event from your life that you'll be turning into a graphic novel and the main parts of that event.  Try to break it down to what happened first, second, third, etc.

Russian I

For homework tonight you're going to be writing about yourself and five family members.  On a separate sheet of paper you want to write a sentence introducing the person and stating their relationship to you (ex:  This is my dad.).  Then you want to use our new verb "to live" and the prepositional case to tell me where this person lives.  Remember to use the proper ending with the location so that you are showing the prepositional case.  You should have twelve sentences total.

Russian II

For homework tonight you should review the information on accusative case time expressions on page 205 to 209.  Once you've done this, you should be able to complete exercises fourteen and fifteen talking about time expressions and using them to answer questions.

Russian III

Tonight you should focus on your modals and complete exercises four, seven, and eight at the end of chapter nine.  Remember to stay focused on aspect as you look at these exercises.

ALL RUSSIAN STUDENTS:  Remember we'll have our guests here on Wednesday.  Bring in your food/beverage item before school, check in with your first period teacher, and then report here!

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