Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Homework for B Day Students - 11/17/2015

Sorry for the delay everyone!  Here are your reminders for Wednesday's classes.

English II

You have some reading to do tonight - please read the next chapter of Persepolis called "The Cigarette" - as you read, consider the importance of the cigarette in this chapter as a symbol.  What does the cigarette mean?  How does it relate to a larger idea?  Why is this larger idea important to the story and to Marji?  Consider these ideas as you are reading.

Next class we'll spend time working on symbolism and our projects - so be prepared for that.

AP English III

Next class you have your rhetorical analysis timed writing - review the idea of a rhetorical analysis as well as the process of completing this type of assignment.  Remember that in this type of writing you are proving someone else's argument and how they are supporting that argument.

Additionally, you have some pieces to be working on for your papers.  You have your outlines for your essays due on 11/24/2015 - please follow Ms. Ginocchio's instructions for completing the outline - remember that it isn't as detailed as the first outline you completed, but the more work you do in the outline, the easier the paper will be to complete.  Lastly, you'll be finishing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn over Thanksgiving Break, so you may want to move toward that goal sooner, rather than later.

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