Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - Weekend Edition - 19 November

Happy Thursday everyone!  Here are your reminders for the weekend -

Russian I, II, and III

We will be reassessing on standards from the previous quiz on Monday.  Make sure that you are reviewing and preparing to earn back points and show mastery of concepts. Russian I Students - Focus on your cases, possessive pronouns, and your vocabulary in chapter one, especially the nouns.  Russian II Students - Focus on your counting rules and the spelling of your numbers.  Russian III Students - Focus on your use of modals as well as vocabulary in chapter nine.

Russian II/III

Other than preparing for your reassessment on Monday I would like for you to complete your journal writing this weekend.  The phrase for the week is "кому/чему не удалось" meaning "it didn't work out for whom/what".  Remember that this phrase uses the dative case for the person/thing it didn't work out for.  Think about this as you use this phrase.

Russian I

You have your reassessment to prepare for this weekend.  Additionally, you can spend some time working on your family writing.  Next class we'll likely get started on our next case - the accusative case, so be ready for that excitement!

English II

You all have your extra credit assignment to work on over the weekend and on through Thanksgiving break.  Remember that the assignment can be turned in early or not at all since it's for extra credit.

Your required work for the weekend is to finish your project - the personal narratives focusing on a moment in your life.  On Monday we'll have our presentations of the projects, finish discussing "The Passport" chapter and then likely work on the film.

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