Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students: 3/19/2014

AP English III

I hope that today's class session on outlines help you all as you move forward into the drafting element of your work.  Please prepare yourself for the next due date which is March 24 - Monday.  On this day you will be expected to turn in your rough drafts.  Remember that rough drafts are required to be fifty percent complete - my recommendation is that you submit your introduction, at least two consecutive body paragraphs, and your conclusion.  On the 24th you will sign up for your draft conference.  Be sure to come early on the 24th for your choice of conference times.

For Invisible Man, you need to complete the following:  First, make sure to use the outline and guide that I gave you to complete and prepare chapters ten through twelve.  Secondly, be sure that by the 25th that you are to the end of chapter fifteen in Invisible Man.  I'll give you new motif charts on Friday to take you through the rest of the text.

Russian I

Next class you will have your Начало sheets collected as well as the homework on the accusative case.  Be sure that this is all complete.  Also, you will have your presentations on the former Soviet republics.  Please share or email me your presentation in advance of class beginning on Friday/Monday so that we can start the presentations quickly after class begins.

Furthermore, your quarter exam will now fall on the 25 and 26 of March.  Make sure that you are preparing yourself toward that exam.

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