Thursday, March 27, 2014

Homework for the Weekend: 3/27/2014

Russian I

You had your quarter exam today.  No homework this weekend, but get ready for the reality of fourth nine weeks which will include a lot more Russian speaking by me and you.

AP English III

This weekend your priority is to read the next major section of Invisible Man, chapters sixteen through nineteen.  These chapters will draw heavily on the motifs, so be sure to use your motif charts to help you organize and make sense of the chapters.  Here are your notes to consider as you go through each chapter:
  • Chapter 16:  speeches, Battle Royal imagery, conflict, Marxism, new versus old
  • Chapter 17:  time, Brother Tod Clifton, Brother Tarp, Ras the Exhorter, conflict, identity
  • Chapter 18:  conflict, Brother Tarp's chain, family, reality/fantasy, machines, trial
  • Chapter 19:  sex, violence, Trueblood's dream, manipulation, invisibility, freedom, Battle Royal, dream
Continue working on your drafts and essays.  The conferences have been going very well.  Remember to keep your draft from conferences as this is the only record of your grade for the fourth nine weeks.

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