Friday, March 28, 2014

Homework for the Weekend: 3/28/2014

I'm having a busy Friday since it's both the end of the grading period, a regular school day, and my teacher workday to do grades all at the same time.  Here's what you all need to accomplish this weekend:

Honors English II

This weekend you should finalize your outlines for your MGP paper.  Be sure to include the following in your outline:

  • an argument statement which identifies your topic (change), your position on the topic, and WHY you have this position.  The explanation of the WHY is particularly important.
  • quotations and paraphrases from all of your MGP texts
  • explanations with the quotations/paraphrases as to HOW they help you to prove your position on change.
As I said in class, treat me like I don't know anything (including basic human emotions) - if something is bad, tell me.  Don't assume!

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