Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homework for A Day Students: 3/25/2014

AP English III

We are right in the swing of things with conferences.  Make sure to continue to develop your drafts and your arguments so that they show me what you're really writing this argumentative essay about.  Don't forget that this and next Friday are drop-in days for additional help.  No scheduling necessary, but you will need to wait if someone is ahead of you.

For tonight make sure to read "Just Walk on By:  Black Men and the Public Space" by Brent Staples.  It's in 50 Essays or available at this link.  Annotate heavily noting Staples' use of diction to create tone and how this furthers his argument.  Also consider the connections between this text and Invisible Man.  We will do work related to multiple choice on this text next class, so please read thoroughly.

For next week, be sure that you have read chapters sixteen through nineteen in Invisible Man.  I'll outline this for you in more detail next class.

Russian I

Next class you will have your quarterly exam.  Be sure that you have prepared yourselves thoroughly and are ready for vocabulary.  Don't forget that I have already given you the dialogue which you will hear on your test and the reading which you will also have.  The reading is in the accusative case exercises at the very end.  Read and prepare, practice the questions at the end of the text, and ask any questions.  Remember that this is a cumulative exam and over one quarter of it will cover old information.

Lastly, please use PowerSchool to make sure that you're not missing any work.  The quarter ends on Friday and I will need to finalize my grades that day.  Please talk to me if you're not sure.  Some of you are missing quizzes and this will torpedo your averages if I put in a zero for that work.

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