Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If this isn't the last snow day I'm going to kvetch

I already freaked out once this morning, especially because we just got the schedule back to normal.  Oh well, I'll grade and readjust; here's what all of you should take care of on your new day off.

All Students:

It's important to realize that the end of the quarter will still be next week.  Many of you due to being sick or absent for another reason, and then with all the missing school for snow days, have missing assignments which must be made up ASAP.  Wednesday will provide a good day to take care of these things before next week when my availability will be limited.

AP English III

Your rough drafts are still going to be due next week and we will begin conferencing.  Outlines were ready for pickup, but not everyone did.  If you have your outline, and even if you don't, you will want to begin drafting and writing.  Remember to continue refining your topics to be more fine and specific and to push the argument deeper.  What is the big reason why this issue is so important?  Why should I as your audience be invested in this topic?  That's what you want to prove to me.

Next class will now be Wednesday; have your reading complete to the end of chapter twelve so that we can begin that analysis work.  I guess you all weren't meant to take the ACT; I still recommend that a lot of you take that exam - just for another data point, I did better on it than the SAT.

ESL English III

Continue reading The Kite Runner and complete your comic strips if you have not already submitted that.  Also, some of you need to finish your Persepolis test.  Make sure to see me this week to take care of those exams.

Honors English II

We will see each other again on Thursday and have our discussion of Chapter II as well as some time to work on the Multi-Genre Project.  Today gives you a chance to finish your first two products as well as your reading of the third genre.  As you read, take notes using the essential questions.  Many of you will see that these essential questions can be used to organize and approach the argument to your essay and structure that argument.

As a benchmark, please have everything that you've completed for your essay outline to class on Thursday.  I will want to see these, especially your argument on change!

Honors and ESL Students - The final day for permission slips is Friday.  Please make sure that you have that turned in!

Russian I

Our next class together will focus on finishing the Accusative case and doing some listening activities to prepare for the exam coming next week.  The date of the exam is now the 25th and 26th.  You will still have the weekend to prepare, but it is coming a bit earlier.  Our presentations will fall on the 21st (A-day) and 24th (B-day).  Use the time today to work on your presentations, build your vocabulary skills, complete the exercises on the prepositional case, and listen to the news about Russia.

Olympiada Team - Please still plan to meet with me this week.  Friday is best because I want to see all of you as a whole group to talk about the weekend and the fact that we're traveling next week.

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