Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The A-day That Shouldn't - 3/5/2014

Today we had a class day that we shouldn't have had, but that's okay.  I was still able to make it productive for all of us.  Here are your A-day reminders for tonight:

AP English III

Tonight you have several goals to meet as we move toward the weekend.  First, you need to be to the end of chapter nine in Invisible Man by Friday.  Do not procrastinate in your reading or fall behind, doing so will begin to make things very difficult for you.  On Friday you will be placed in groups which will be tasked with teaching the different chapters.  Take good annotations so that you are prepared for this work.

Furthermore don't forget that you have your research paper outlines due on 3/13; these need to reflect all of your research and development of your argument.  Be sure that your full bibliography is attached.

Lastly, you will have your first assessment on Invisible Man on 3/11 - it will cover the Prologue to the end of Chapter Nine.  Prepare yourselves!

Russian I

Today you took your quiz so you have no required homework tonight.  However, you should spend some time studying your fundamentals of Russian (cases, declensions, and conjugations) as we will spend the next few classes focusing on these elements.

Also, start speaking to your parents now about our trip next summer.  Remember that the earlier your lock in and confirm that you will be coming, the lower your overall price!

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