Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students: 3/11/2014

Russian I:

I hope that all of you enjoyed the festivities today during fourth period. Remember to complete your exercises on the prepositional case for a completion check and review next class. We'll also begin our research project on other former Soviet republics; look forward to that. 

Honors English II:

Today's workday should have been productive for all of you; I saw apt of reading and some drafts of products. Remember to review the instructions sheet thoroughly so you complete all of your assignments, as we reviewed in class there are five distinct parts. 

Spend tonight finishing your products, completing a draft of your product reflection, and begin drafting your outline. 

Next class will be finishing our reading of Oedipus the King and beginning "The Metamorphosis".

ESL English III:

I look forward to reading your reflections on today's class with Ms. T. Tonight you can continue reading The Kite Runner but be sure to spend some time on your comic strips. With last snow day the due date is now Monday. We'll have some time later this week to work on these in class. 

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