Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another Snow Day!

I thought this winter was done, and now here we are with another snow day.  Announcements about the ACT for Juniors and other school wide activities will be pending, the ACT will likely need to be rescheduled for the whole state, so it may take some time to get that put together.  Our next day at school will be an A-day.  All students should prepare for that.

Russian I students, you will still have your quiz.  AP English III students - try to make it to the end of chapter nine, we will likely have a regular class next time while the powers that be decide what to do with the ACT.

English II and ESL English III students should prepare for their next day.  Sophomores, you have reading to do - I hope that many of you are taking this time to put in some planning or work on your long-term projects!  Good thing I told you to bring your books home.  English III students, remember that you have a test on Persepolis next class.

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