Monday, March 31, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students: 3/31/2014

Welcome to the fourth and final nine weeks of the year!  Don't allow time to sneak up on you, remember that you actually have only seven weeks this quarter instead of nine because of final exams.

Russian I:

Today in class you should have completed the creation of your vocabulary guide, either using an online resource like Quizzlet or something more simple like vocabulary cards.  Regardless, be studying these new words every night.  You will have a quiz on Prepositional Case and the new vocabulary on 4/8 and 4/9 (B-day).  Prepare accordingly.  To help in your preparation, complete the worksheet on Prepositional Case.  In exercise B make sure to write out the sentence with the blanks filled in, don't just fill in the blanks.  In exercise Г try to answer the question logically about yourself.  If you can't change the verb, put the word in the parenthesis in the appropriate case.  Be sure to translate in this section.

AP English III:

Tonight you have a few things to accomplish.  First, if you didn't finish the symbol analysis in class please finish that tonight and turn it in to me tomorrow.  I want to have these graded before Wednesday's class as we'll need them to discuss the chapters.  Also, be aware that we will be discussing chapter sixteen thoroughly as well as the rest of chapter eighteen.  Read and annotate thoroughly to be ready for that seminar work.

Your final drafts of your research papers are due on 4/8.  I will go over on Wednesday what you will turn in on that day.  Be prepared to ask questions.  Also, be ready to go over formatting of the essay on Friday.  You may want to bring your laptop or iPad to do that work.

For this week, read to the end of chapter twenty-two in Invisible Man.  This is when he finally makes a change, pay close attention and use your motif charts well.

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