Thursday, March 6, 2014

B-Day Student Homework and Reminders - 3/6/2014

Honors English II

On Monday, or whenever I see you next, you will have your quiz on Sophocles, Tacitus and vocabulary.  Remember that this quiz will look at knowledge related to the text as well as knowledge of the vocabulary.  If you have been paying attention in class with Oedipus the King and have taken good notes during our discussion you should do just fine.  Just be aware that this quiz is more than simply vocabulary.

Additionally, we will have our first workday for the Multi-Genre Project next class.  Many of you will want to work on your first product either on your choice genre or on Oedipus the King.  No matter what you will be doing during our workshop, make sure that you have brought what you need to do.

ESL English III

You comic strips which will go along with your personal memoir will be due on Friday, March 14th.  You need to begin to divide your story into frames and translate it from all words to visuals and words.  Make sure to use the instruction sheet to help you as you make this into a visual of what has happened to you in your life.

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