Monday, March 24, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students: 3/24/2014

Honors English II

Tonight for homework your goal is to complete your Mutli-Genre Projects and your artist's statement for our presentations which will fall next class.  Remember that you will need to show all three pieces to the class; so find a way that you can do that.  Also you will need to give me your three products - my suggestion is to burn it to a disk or to use a flashdrive which you don't mind giving up for a few days.

For the artist statement there are a few things to make sure that you do:

  1. Make sure to emphasize why you have chosen the particular project for the text.  What has it allowed you to show about change in your text/texts?
  2. How does your piece express the idea of change in the text/texts?
  3. What are you trying to show overall about the idea of change across all of your pieces? This should appear in your "introduction".
  4. Also, consider that you will want to transition between the different products in your artist statement.  Don't just start and stop!
Lastly, remember to go through your notes from today's discussion and go back to your outlines.  If there are questions/tasks which you cannot complete, be sure to ask next time as I want next class to be our last day on Kafka.  And don't forget to bring in all of your textbooks.  I want to check those.

ESL English III

For those of you whom I told about make-up work, be sure to complete that Wednesday at lunch.  For most of you it's relatively minor.  Also, be sure that you continue reading The Kite Runner.  Try to make it to the end of page eighty-eight.

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