Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Homework for 23 May 2017 - A Day

Advanced Russian

Next class we will have our Russian talk show featuring the characters from Night Swallows getting together for a bit of a reunion. Remember to have costumes for the show. Have cue cards or notes written to prepare to speak. You'll be doing a lot of Russian speaking on Thursday as a means to show off all the things you've been learning. To prepare, here are the questions that the psychologist and host will be asking.

Questions from Psychologist Marhoul:

1. Do you miss any friends?
2. What were the types of the most stressful moments?
3. What were the good moments in the war?
4. Do you have any deceased family members?
5. Do you regret anything?
6. How do you feel?

1. Сучились каким друзям?
2. Какие у вас были стрессовы моменты?
3. Какие у вас были хороши моменты с войны?
4. Мертвая семья?
5. Что нибудь вы сожалите?
6. Как вы чувствете себя?

Questions from the Host

1. Did you like your Army group?
2. Did you miss your family?
3. Did you like your plane? (For pilots)
4. Did you like the political officer?
5. What was life like in the Soviet Army?

1. Вам нравится амейская группа?
2. Вам скучно без семьи?
3. Вам нравится самолет?
4. Вам нравится политический офицер?
5. Как жизнь была в советской армии?

Prepare answers to these questions. Be ready for Thursday. It'll be a fun class!

Russian I

Many of you have textbooks checked out. Please return these books to me ASAP. Next class we will finish our film on modern Russian culture and then continue to prepare for the final exam.

English II

Continue to study your EOC review sheet. Focus on learning your literary terms so that you are prepared to answer questions on them if these terms show up on the EOC. Next class we'll be doing our final EOC preparation. It'll be a good chance to earn any last extra credit for the year.

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