Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 16 May 2017

AP English III

I think that many of you will be happy when you see your grades from today's work on the Amendments to the US Constitution. I was impressed by your clarity and the way in which you were able to discuss the relevance of the amendments in the past and also in current society. Hopefully through your study of this important document you are able to have more ownership of your role as a member of our nation.

For next class, I would like for you to do some preliminary research on Flannery O'Connor. She's an American author from our neck of the woods - she's actually for Mississippi, but the south is the south. Do some light research on her so that you are aware of what type of author she is. This will be helpful as we read and discuss one of her stories next class.

English II

We began the drafting of our essays today in class. Remember that by the last class you should have your essay complete with all of the paragraphs. The assignment will remain in Google Classroom until the last day of class - each day we'll continue working on another paragraph.

We also continued the reading of "Saboteur" today to get through part two. Continue to track the characters and their development as well as the conflict. These are the key details that Ha Jin is using in order to show the theme he is presenting.

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